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We are now located at 79 West 2nd Street, a couple of doors east of Carl’s Townhouse restaurant. Our newly remodeled office is located on the ground level and is handicap accessible. We are proud to provide representation for Bankruptcy, Social Security Disability/SSI, Personal Injury, Probate Estates, Domestic Relations, for all of south and central Ohio including: Chillicothe, Jackson, Circleville, Waverly, Piketon, Lucasville, Columbus, Greenfield, Hillsboro, McArthur, Logan, Athens, Bainbridge, Washington Courthouse, and many many others.

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Our Mission Statement

We are here to help make your life better. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to take charge of their lives and clean up their debt problems by filing bankruptcy.

We understand that you are under a great deal of stress and that filing bankruptcy is an option of last resort. As such, we pledge to treat you with respect, compassion and understanding. At our first meeting I will carefully analyze your situation and work with you to help you find the best solution for your particular set of facts. Often times I advise potential clients that Bankruptcy is not the best option for them. The analysis is far more complex than most people realize and involves taking the time to get all the necessary information and asking all the right questions.

The first consultation is free, and I will take the time to answer all of your questions and give you detailed explanations regarding the relief available for your particular situation. I will explain all the pros and cons of choosing any particular course of action. You will find that I’m very patient and thorough when answering your questions and explaining the bankruptcy process. In fact, I encourage you to write down your questions before you come in so you will not forget to ask them while you’re here. I will lay out a road map of specific actions that you can begin to take right now that will start you on the path to taking control of your financial life. Most clients come to the office feeling nervous and leave feeling a great sense of relief and empowerment as I am very good at putting my clients at ease and helping them understand that they can take decisive action now that will start to get their life back on track.

I will not lecture you, belittle you, or talk down to you because of the situation you are in. It has been my experience that almost no one starts out on an intentional course of action designed to end up in bankruptcy. Did you know that it is your constitutional right as a U.S. citizen to file bankruptcy? That’s right, our founding fathers believed it was such an important right that they included it in the original U.S. Constitution. So, you should not feel ashamed that you are considering bankruptcy and you are wise to seek the guidance of an experienced professional.

There are some common bankruptcy mistakes that I see repeatedly which can get in the way of a successful bankruptcy filing. So, be sure to view that page, and preferably, schedule a free consultation with me before you take any of these actions!

The Bankruptcy Code requires all Bankruptcy attorneys to make the following disclosure:

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.